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saami crafts is much more than jewellery – it is a reflection of your spirit. Every piece tells a new story each time you wear it.

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A centuries’ old tradition

saami crafts are inspired by Scandinavia’s indigenous population, the Saami – the people of the sun and the wind.

The result is exclusive, modern, and original jewellery based on centuries’ old skills. Each and every piece is unique, and lovingly hand-crafted in northern Sweden according to a tradition spanning many centuries. The jewellery is created using materials provided by Mother Nature: vegetable-tanned reindeer leather, reindeer horn, and thread made from silver-tin alloy.

Home of the craft is northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia retaining its individuality until today.   the Saami – the people of the sun and the wind

Where to buy saami crafts products

saami crafts Unikatschmucksaami crafts jewellery is available at selected stores – and there is probably one close to you. Alternatively, you can buy direct from our online shop on this Website.

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