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saami crafts is much more than jewellery – it is a reflection of your spirit. Every piece tells a new story each time you wear it.

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Natural beauty

Each and every item of saami crafts jewellery is one of a kind – not least thanks to the natural materials they’re made from.

We use animal skins bearing distinctive scars, and tanned with the bark of birch, willow, and fir trees; reindeer horn with unique marks and grains that ensure no two Saami fastenings are the same; and thread made from silver-tin alloy that develops a distinctive patina with the passing of time – giving each piece an individual character.

Note to allergy sufferers: Items made from reindeer leather are free of chrome and nickel.   Each and every item of saami crafts jewellery is one of a kind

Where to buy saami crafts products

saami crafts Unikatschmucksaami crafts jewellery is available at selected stores – and there is probably one close to you. Alternatively, you can buy direct from our online shop on this Website.

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