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saami crafts is much more than jewellery it is a reflection of your spirit. Every piece tells a new story each time you wear it.

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Welcome to the saami crafts online shop.


See our entire range of exclusive and original jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, rings and belts.

classic bracelets  

classic bracelets

A line unaffected by the passing of time, defined by a broad selection of leather types mostly in classic, understated tones, as well as more bold and vibrant colours. A wide-ranging choice of braiding patterns and custom lengths ensure a timeless quality that never goes out of style: classic by saami crafts.
selected bracelets  

selected bracelets

The essence of this line is the interplay of eye-catching, high-quality materials and unique embroidery: exquisite salmon skin leather, precious freshwater pearls, iridescent stones or lustrous sterling silver beads. We also offer the choice of custom lengths and pieces made of tin-silver thread: selected by saami crafts.
edition Armbänder  

edition bracelets

As the name suggests, this is the special-edition product range. This trend-setting line features hip colours and stylish materials. Available in standard lengths and with the option of thread made from tin-silver alloy or copper. Our personal must-haves of the season: edition by saami crafts.


At present, only a few saami crafts bracelet styles are available as necklaces. These include spectacle chains: necklaces by saami crafts.


There are currently two ring models available, both based loosely on bracelet designs. They are either made of leather (with tin-silver thread), or tin-silver thread with a leather fastening: rings by saami crafts.


The two belts are decorated with hand-crafted pewter braiding and are a further example of this traditional jewellery being used in a modern way: belts by saami crafts.

Where to buy saami crafts products

saami crafts Unikatschmucksaami crafts jewellery is available at selected stores, and there is probably one close to you. Alternatively, you can buy direct from our online shop on this Website.