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FAQs & answers

Find answers to frequently asked questions about saami crafts jewellery and our online shop. We are happy to offer further assistance if anything is still unclear, or if your question remains unanswered: contact us by e-mail, we will answer straight away.

Questions about our products

We always make our jewellery to order, meaning we tailor each and every item to the customer’s specifications.

According to section 312g, sub-section 3, no. 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the right to revoke a purchase does not apply to the supply of goods that are not manufactured in advance, and for which the consumer’s personal choice and instructions are of material importance, or to goods which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer.

That said, we try to accommodate your requests wherever possible, and often exchange bracelet lengths or, occasionally, models. Simply call us at +49 711 7676575.

Please send items in need of repair to:

saami crafts
Sandra Doebele
MoserstraĂźe 20
70182 Stuttgart

We will inform you in advance if the repairs will cost more than 25 euros. Please only send your bracelets via registered mail, or by a shipment method that includes tracking. Sadly, some bracelets sent to us have been lost in the past, and we cannot assume risk or responsibility for these items

If you want a tight fit, add 0.5 cm to the measured circumference of your wrist. If you prefer a looser fit, add 1 to 1.5 cm. We recommend calculating a looser fit for broader models; since the arm widens towards the elbow, the extra material will help ensure a comfortable fit.

Bracelet lengths do not include the loop of the fastening!

All leather used in saami crafts jewellery is extremely hard-wearing.

However, it is a natural material that needs to be handled with care, and under exceptional circumstances the colouring may cause staining. The bracelets made from reindeer leather are generally more robust than those made from lambskin.

However, if they get wet frequently, they may become brittle. This can be avoided by applying neutral leather polish. Please do not wear your lambskin bracelet in the shower.

Many saami crafts items feature a fastening that comprises a button made from reindeer horn, and a leather loop. You may find it slightly difficult to pull the loop over the button for the first time. This is quite normal.

A few tips to help you

The loop is exceptionally robust. The leather is reinforced and firmly embedded. So you can give it a firm pull without worrying about it breaking. Should the loop nevertheless tear, despite the strength of the material and our quality checks, saami crafts will repair it. Repairs are free of charge for up to six months following purchase (not including shipping charges), and subject to payment after this period. This repair service ensures you can be sure of enjoying saami crafts jewellery for many years to come.

Because saami crafts jewellery is completely hand-crafted, no two items are the same.

Each craftsman and woman makes the jewellery in their own way, e.g. some create items a little longer or wider than others. As a result, there are many variations of each product. This is what makes saami crafts jewellery so special – and it is key to the saami crafts philosophy.

Find out more about the saami crafts philosophy here..

A saami crafts gift card is the perfect present for any occasion – you have a choice of two types:

Gift voucher mail

The simplest and fastest type to get a voucher code. The gift voucher code is sent to you via e-mail, and you can decide to either send the recipient the code, or create your own special gift card for them.

Gift voucher box

For a small fee of shipment costs, we can provide you with our beautiful saami crafts gift card box. The box includes a greeting that contains the gift card code and informations of how to use. You can then either mail the box to the recipient, or give it to them in person. As a service, we can also send the box directly to the recipient for you!

Term of validity

saami crafts vouchers are valid only at our onlineshop at and for three years (36 months). They cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part. A single gift card code can be used multiple times until its full value has been spent.

Questions about our online shop

Simply send us an email with your zip code to and we will gladly identify retailers in your area.

saami crafts jewellery is special. You can choose from many products, available on many colors and seven lengths – giving a total of thousands possible combinations!

Unfortunately, we can not maintain all combinations in stock at all times. But once you receive your very own personal choice after three to four weeks, you will see it is well worth the wait.

In some instances, you may want an item to arrive quickly. Give us a call, and we will check whether we have the item in stock and ready to ship: +49 711 7676575

You can find informations about payment methods offered at the saami crafts shop here.

You can find informations about shipping costs and destinations here.

If you visit one of our retailers and the model you are looking for is out of stock, they can place an order on your behalf. Alternatively, you can call us directly or send us an e-mail. We are always happy to help.

Our team

Sandra Doebele
General manager & marketing

The saami crafts Team

All hand selected threads are being sent to our control center in Stuttgart. From Stuttgart our new models are designed, new colors are lovingly selected and new ideas are developed. We accept change requests and repairs and certify that all the material from leather to thread and to needle will be passed on to our artists and we guarantee that the orders will be sent right away to you.

Be assured that in case the answering machine starts up, all our co-workers are either busy on the phone, at trade fairs or visiting customers on site.

Please leave your name and phone number so we will call you back to answer any questions. Our saami craft team is fully motivated and enjoys working in the world of saami crafts bracelets. Come join us!